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Corfu 2021

European Capital of Culture, Candidate City

The reason Corfu is competing for the European Capital of Culture 2021 is to solve problems and create perspectives, to boost Corfu’s dynamics and discover new abilities by shared ideas, innovative actions, inclusion and confidence. Corfu can take advantage of its talented young population, our experienced older citizens and everyone who feels the cultural vibrations of a city looking for new spaces for creative expression in every square, road and tiny kantouni of the town. Corfu2021 is a platform for winning the title, for making the life of its citizens better and for creating perspectives for Corfu’s development.



Eleusis: European Capital of Culture 2021

Congratulations to Eleusis that has been selected to become a European Capital of Culture in 2021.


Announcement of the preselected candidates for the European Capital of Culture 2021

The shortlisted cities for the title of the European Capital of Culture in Greece in 2021 were announced on Friday, February 26th, 2016, and are the following: Eleusis, Kalamata, and Rhodes. We wish them all best of luck. 


The 14th Corfu Kindergarden's creation for Corfu!

The 14th Corfu Kindergarden, created a poster and a video for Corfu within activities of Corfu 2021 - Candidate City European Capital of Culture.


Corfu2021 Team wishes Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Corfu2021 Team. May 2016 be a creative year!


Christmas at Corfu with music

The town of Corfu celebrates Christmas with a lot of music.


The Citizens of the Region of the Ionian Islands support Corfu2021

Press Release of the Hellenic Union of Heptanisians

Corfu 2021, European Capital of Culture, Candidate City














What is Capital of Culture?

In 2021, Greece and Romania will host the European Capital of Culture institution. The title shall be given to a Greek city, which, along with a Romanian city, will become the European Capital duet for the year.

Why Corfu?

Corfu is actively engaged with social and economic challenges leading towards growth and development. The designation of European ‘Capital of Culture 2021’ is part of that process, helping us bring about that transformation.

Join and Share your vision with us!

In order to ensure that Corfu succeeds in moving forward to the next round in the competition, we need your feedback, your involvement your ideas and your participation. We need your dreams.
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